Hurricane Florence Damages Studio


Autumn Leaves - Available
Hurricane Florence has damaged my studio, and special orders may be delayed.  PLEASE contact me soon if you need a custom name or other made-to-order project before the holidays!  Email is best at the moment. or you can text me at 252-385-1075

In the next few days, I will be adding listing for all of the works I have in stock and ready to go.  Some will be discounted to help raise "Hurricane Funds."  Please check back soon, thanks!


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I am updating my website with new work


Please check back often, new work on the way!


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Happy New Year to my customers!


I have been busy as usual, right up until the Holiday deadline.  I will be doing a much needed update to my website within the next few days.  I will be adding new photos and sending out invitations to sign my website guestbook to my most recent clients.

I would also like to announce that I have new gallery representation at the Lemonade Gallery in Washington, NC.  If you are nearby, please look for my newest glass artworks there.

New pictures coming soon.

Happy New Year to all, and thank you for your continued support!
~Alison Ellis


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A Picture of Snow & a Few notes on Privacy


Have you ever wondered why I don't post any pictures of myself on my website?

Listen to this week's TED radio hour on to find out why.

As a professional artist, I have always felt that my work should speak for itself. That is why I concentrate the time I have for the internet on my own website and must limit my access on "Social Media"

I add new artwork whenever possible, and am currently working on releasing a line of patterns for stained glass hobbyists which will be available both by pdf download, and hard-copy by mail.

Look for improvements to my website in the coming weeks, but don't expect to find a picture of me anytime soon!  As far as I know, there should only be one picture of me on the internet, and that should be tough to find.

I'm offering a free suncatcher of your choice (value up to $30) to anyone who sends me a link to any picture of me. Good luck!

Alison Ellis, Green Heron Glass


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New Gallery Features One-of-a-kind Glass Valentine's Gifts


Rainbow Heart Suncatcher
New designs in stock for Valentine's Day!

The snow is melting here in eastern NC & I have some new unique designs for your Valentine. Order by February 10th to ensure delivery by the 14th.  Free shipping by Priority mail to all US locations.


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Village Craftsmen on Ocracoke ~ $5 shipping on any order!


Moonrise over Molassass Creek
The Village Craftsmen Gallery (my rep on Ocracoke Island) is offering $5 standard shipping on all website orders through Dec. 31st 2013.

They have a few of my larger panels & lamps in stock & ready to ship, including "moonrise" pictured here.

  I can't take any more custom orders before Christmas, so if you need one of my larger works in a hurry, here is a link:


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Pea Island & Alligator River Refuges Volunteer Awards ~ Part 1


Snow Goose
Hello to all the volunteers at Pea Island & Alligator River Wildlife Refuges!

The 2013 Awards Banquet is coming up soon & many of you have asked me for a list of all the bird suncatchers that I have done over the years.  Here is a list of the past 10 years, in reverse order by year. I will post the rest in my next blog.

Unfortunately, I have pictures of very few of them, as I am often too rushed to take photographs (and I'm not that great at taking pictures anyway :-)  If any of you who have the older ones (or any of them!) can take me a good picture of yours, I would surely appreciate it!  I would like to create a page on my website where I can feature them. More details folks are the best FWS volunteers in the US, I am quite certain!

Here is the list so far, Listed by Year ~ Pea Island ~ Alligator River:

2012 ~ Yellow-crowned Night Heron ~ American Goldfinch

2011 ~ Black-neck Stilt (revised) ~ Pied-billed Greebe

2010 ~ Black-crowned Night Heron ~ Green Heron

2009 ~ Northern Gannet ~ Summer Tanager

2008 ~ Piping Plover ~ Black Bear

2007 ~ Black Skimmer ~ Cedar Waxwing

2006 ~ Canvasback Duck ~ Blue Grossbeak

2005 ~ American Bittern ~ House Wren

2004 ~ Pintail Duck ~ Pileated Woodpecker

2003 ~ Anniversary "Blue Goose" for both refuges

2002 ~ Little Blue Heron ~ Rufous-sided Towhee

That is all for now. More later (when I nail down which design was what year pre-2000 :-) Contact me at greenheronglass @ gmail if you have any pics. Please send a note first, as my dial-up can't accomodate a lot of large files at once.

I look forward to seeing everybody at the banquet Nov. 23rd!

~Alison Ellis


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Free Stained Glass Patterns


Stained Glass 'A' Pattern
I know how easy it is nowdays to just copy & re-size any stained glass design you can find on the internet.  TRUE Artists 'borrow' ideas from each other all the time. So I don't mind at all if you use my work for inspiration!

Just please don't COPY my designs unless you intend to comply with copyright law. To that end, I will be creating a gallery on my website which will allow you to purchase the rights to re-create any of my designs ONE time for personal purposes, & NOT for resale. (I don't want to turn my copyright attorney loose, as that costs $500/hour.)

More info in the can steal my designs if you want....but how does that make you feel?


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Intracoastal Waterway Festival ~ Belhaven, NC


Sunset on the Pungo
If you are visiting eastern NC this weekend be sure to stop in downtown Belhaven & enjoy the festivities at the Intracoastal Waterway Festival!

Food, Artists, Music & more!  (I hear that the festival organizers will be wearing 1930's 'Flapper' costumes, should be a hoot!)

I will be displaying some of my artwork there, what I have available, which is not a lot, alas.  I haven't done an art festival in lots of years, but feel as though I ought to try my best for this one. As it is right next door to the Belhaven Library, where my favorite window is installed.  (It is the picture on my home page.)  Please come by & see us if you are in the neighborhood!

Date:  Saturday, September 21st

Time:  12 Noon to 6pm for the art, later for great food & music!


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Special Offer for Early Holiday Shoppers!


Last year I wasn't prepared for the holiday rush.  This year I'm trying to do better.

Help me, please!  Order early & get a gift.  You can choose one or I can suprise you.  If you opt for the suprise, it may be something unique that compliments your order...Either way, there are more details on my new Special Offers page.

Custom orders placed early also come with a gift. I usually have as many custom orders as I can handle before Christmas by mid October....Hint, hint.

In the next few days I will be listing as many unique works as I can put together.  They will be found in my New Designs Gallery first, but may be duplicated in another gallery according to the design style.  If a listing says that a piece is a one-of-a-kind, it is, but can be ordered from either gallery.

In other news:  I have a new friend on Ocracoke, the Fig Queen, Ms. Della Gaskill. In the coming weeks I will be helping her to build a website for her Jams & Preserves, her exquisite jewelry designs, and her new book about growing up on Ocracoke.  More info on that next week.


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