New link to Village Craftsmen on Ocracoke

Moonrise Over Molassas Creek
I have been represented for the past 20 years by the fine crafts gallery "The Village Crafstmen" on Ocracoke Island, NC and am happy to announce that they are currently updating their website to include some of my newest one-of-a-kind originals!

Moonrise Over Molassas Creek, pictured here, will be one of the first available on their site.

We will be linking back & forth, so you will be able to order any originals that are in stock, or make a custom order by contacting either website.

I will be listing some interesting new 'End-of-the-Day' projects soon as well.  Look for them in my Abstracts for Sale or One-of-a-kind galleries.

Early holiday shopping offer coming soon....stay tuned.  News at 11...


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