Wildlife Art Exhibits at Wildlife Refuge in NC

These art exhibits are a very unique combined effort between the USFWS and the CWRS  (Coastal Wildlife Refuge Society) to use their public space to allow exposure for local wildlife artists while raising funds that will be used to preserve the wildlife habitats & subjects we artists depend upon.

Kudos to the Management of Pea Island and Alligator River Wildlife Refuges, especially Mike Bryant and Bonnie Strawser, for thinking 'Out-of-the-Pond'!

Here are some links for more events & activities at the refuges.  Please check them out of you are planning a trip to the Outer Banks of NC!

WOW website: www.wingsoverwater.org
CWRS website: http://coastalwildliferefuge.com
ARNWR website: www.fws.gov/alligatorriver
National Wildlife Refuges Visitor Center: http://www.fws.gov/ncgatewayvc
Virtual Refuges Tours: http://myoncell.mobi/12525643105


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