Bird Suncatchers Available at Mattamuskeet Refuge

My original stained glass bird designs will now be available at our local wildlife refuge in Hyde County NC!

After many years of trying, the US Fish & Wildlife Service has finally built a beautiful new Visitor's Center for the Mattamuskeet Refuge

I have created a Tundra Swan suncatcher eclusively for them, pictured here. 

If you have any excuse at all to visit Hyde County NC, I highly recommend the walking trails at Mattamuskeet!  The lake is open for boating from March through October.  Birding is excellent year-round.  The Prothonatary Warblers & Indigo Buntings are just now arriving.  Soon it will be time for Orchard Orioles, Blue Gossbeaks & my favorite, the Yellow-Billed Cuckoo.

If you're into reptiles, we've got spotted turtles & pygmy rattlers....just don't try to take those home with you because they are protected & the state & the feds are actively patrolling!  (Word to the wise.)

Calling all wildlife afficianados.....If you haven't already, please visit Hyde County NC!


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