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About the process of commissioning custom stained glass ~ Every artist does it a bit differently. This is how I usually work:

Once I have enough details about the size & style of your project, I can give you a ballpark price range quote. If you like my style & my rough estimate of cost is within your budget & you decide that I am the artist for you, then I will take a small design deposit (usually about 10% of the estimate) and begin working for you.

The design deposit is non-refundable and is what allows me to take the neccessary time to work with you to get the design exactly to your specs. I can work from photos that you send me & send you back pictures of drawings & design ideas & glass color samples. If you like the design, I firm-up the price quote & the project gets underway.

The design deposit will be applied to the final cost.  

Once we decide to work together I will keep you informed every step of the way. My turn-around time varies depending on the seasons, so if your project is time-sensitive, I need to know that right away. Projects can take anywhere from a few weeks to many months. I will do my utmost to give you a firm time-line for your project, but keep in mind that artists are often late (It's a right-brain thing) so feel free to contact me anytime during the course of your custom stained glass commission!

Once you approve your design, I may or may not require a materials deposit which will be applied to the final cost. This depends on size & materials.  When your artwork is completed, the final balance will be due before shipment or upon installation.

Thanks for viewing my work & I look forward to working with you! ~Alison Ellis

Feel free to contact me with any inquiries by email at greenheronglass@gmail.com or by phone/text at 252-385-1075.


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Please feel free to contact me with any questions about custom designs, colors, or anyhting else! I will respond to all inquiries. Thanks for viewing my work! 
 ~Alison Ellis

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