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Stained Glass 'A' Pattern
I know how easy it is nowdays to just copy & re-size any stained glass design you can find on the internet.  TRUE Artists 'borrow' ideas from each other all the time. So I don't mind at all if you use my work for inspiration!

Just please don't COPY my designs unless you intend to comply with copyright law. To that end, I will be creating a gallery on my website which will allow you to purchase the rights to re-create any of my designs ONE time for personal purposes, & NOT for resale. (I don't want to turn my copyright attorney loose, as that costs $500/hour.)

More info in the can steal my designs if you want....but how does that make you feel?


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Please feel free to contact me with any questions about custom designs, colors, or anyhting else! I will respond to all inquiries. Thanks for viewing my work! 
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