A Picture of Snow & a Few notes on Privacy

Have you ever wondered why I don't post any pictures of myself on my website?

Listen to this week's TED radio hour on NPR.org to find out why.

As a professional artist, I have always felt that my work should speak for itself. That is why I concentrate the time I have for the internet on my own website and must limit my access on "Social Media"

I add new artwork whenever possible, and am currently working on releasing a line of patterns for stained glass hobbyists which will be available both by pdf download, and hard-copy by mail.

Look for improvements to my website in the coming weeks, but don't expect to find a picture of me anytime soon!  As far as I know, there should only be one picture of me on the internet, and that should be tough to find.

I'm offering a free suncatcher of your choice (value up to $30) to anyone who sends me a link to any picture of me. Good luck!

Alison Ellis, Green Heron Glass


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