Custom 8 Letter Name

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Custom 8 Letter Name
Custom 8 Letter Name

Contact for price

Names get a little more difficult when they get longer.  Depending upon the letters, some need more background & reinforcement than others, so you must contact us for a price quote before ordering a name with 7 or more letters.
Please contact us for custom ordering information, pricing and turnaround time. Preferably by email at or call/text by 252-944-1923.

This piece, along with the next one, "Snookering" were made for the Shrager family game room where lots of snooker is played.


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Please feel free to contact me with any questions about custom designs, colors, or anyhting else! I will respond to all inquiries. Thanks for viewing my work! 
 ~Alison Ellis

 Green Heron Glass StudioScranton, NC252-944-1923

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