Shrimp Trawler  "The Little Bit"
C.F.V.  The Hardway
CFV "The Admiral"
Scuppernong River View
Back Down East
Floral Spray Arch Window
Underwater (Lamp)
Underwater (view 2)
Underwater (lamp) view 3
The Wigglebus
Stained Glass Name
Sunny Daze
Hanging Lamp with Custom Insert ~ View 1
Hanging Lamp with Custom Inserts ~ View 2

Stained Glass Name
Stained Glass Name
This custom name panel was commissioned for a home that had been damaged by Hurricane Sandy, but is now re-built.  The background has a beach theme with real seashells incorporated.  Please contact me if you would like a quote for a custom name.  OR.....

Visit my Custom Stained Glass Names Gallery to view other styles of names that can be ordered directly through the website with free shipping in the US.  I also have individual letters (initials) in your choice of colors available there.


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Please feel free to contact me with any questions about custom designs, colors, or anyhting else! I will respond to all inquiries. Thanks for viewing my work! 
 ~Alison Ellis

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